Urgent Message about Parking

We are currently having some issues with Parking Services. If you have parked on campus and received a ticket, please take it to the registration desk and ODUCon staff will assist you. If you have not yet arrived at ODUCon today, we recommend parking in Lot L-8 on 49th Street, across from Dragas Hall (see map below). If we get anymore information, we will post updates here.


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Countdown Day 4: Putting the Events in Main Events

This will probably be the last countdown post since tomorrow we’ll be busy setting up for the con!

Main Events, where all the big stuff is happening! Here’s just a few of the, well, events:

  • Our cosplay contest Saturday afternoon! Got a costume, even if it’s not handmade? Show it off!
  • The King of Games Tournament Saturday evening! Can you survive the gauntlet of whatever games our crazy gamemaker devises?
  • The AMV Contest! See all the entries midday Saturday and the winners Sunday afternoon!
  • The Swap Meet midday Sunday! Got some old stuff you don’t want anymore? Trade it for someone else’s stuff!

And there’s even more than that! All information is available on the Main Events page.

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Countdown Day 3: Something Calming, Something… Not

Today I’d like to point out a couple things that might otherwise fly under the radar.

First, we have a tea room! Whenever you need to unwind form the noisy con, or just want a cup of earl grey, just stop by the Norfolk Room, it’ll be open all weekend.

Number 2 is the opposite of relaxing. Saturday at 3 PM on the patio, several crazy guests and members of the ODU Anime Club will be participating in the Hot Pepper Variety Hour.  They’ll be stuffing their mouths with carolina reapers and ghost peppers while singing, dancing, and discussing their favorite animes and terrible life choices. And YOU can extend their pain with extra donations to Relay for Life!

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Countdown Day 2: Video Things

Today’s featured rooms have plenty of screens to look at: video gaming and the video room. The video game tournament schedule has been out for a little while, but there’s two you might need to prep for:

  • A Smash Bros. amiibo tournament Friday night! Bring your mini waifu figurines (and the male characters too I guess) and watch them fight it out. A normal tournament for humans will also be running at the same time.
  • The Pokémon Trial Challenge will be running all weekend with a whopping 18 Captains! You’ll need a copy of Pokémon Sun or Moon and a qualifying team of Pokémon.

And if non-interactive media is more your thing, the video room will be running a variety of animes for your viewing pleasure.

And one more bonus link: the full con schedule, all in one place!

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Countdown Day 1: Tabletop Gaming

Oh snap, ODUCon is THIS WEEK. To help count down the days, we’ll be posting daily updates with announcements and reminders of all the awesome stuff happening this weekend. Today’s highlight: everything in the tabletop room. We’ll have plenty of games available for free play all weekend and several organized events:

  • The D&D Adventurers League, featuring DMs from Tower of Games
  • Learn to play Magic: the Gathering Friday night
  • Compete in a M:tG Commander tournament Saturday afternoon
  • Build a retro deck with the Pokémon Gen I Draft Cube Sunday afternoon

Get more information on the Tabletop Gaming page and GET HYPE

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Welcome to our 2017 Vendors

We’ve got a peek at our vendors for this year on the Marketplace page.  We look forward to seeing everyone during the con!


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Big Programming Update

It’s almost 2017, so let’s talk about what we’re doing this year! We have updates for this year’s panels, guests, and video game tournaments. Check back soon for details on our cosplay contest, main event programming, marketplace, and tabletop gaming.

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