The convention is held in the north side of Webb University Center at Old Dominion University. Entrances are are available along 49th Street and the front of Webb Center on Kaufman Mall.

Campus Map

Webb Center Map

Convention Area Map


Campus Parking Map

ODU does not enforce parking on weekends starting 3 PM Friday, so you are free to park in any space that is not specifically labeled otherwise. We recommend parking in Garage E (49th St & Bluestone Ave). Handicapped parking is located on the east portion of the Webb Center VIP lot (49th Street north of Webb Center).


Being a student center, Webb Center itself provides several places to eat. Those open during the weekend are:

  • Chick-Fil-A (7:30am-7pm Fri, 11am-5pm Sat, Closed Sun)
  • Starbucks (7:30am-9pm Fri, 7:30am-5pm Sat, Closed Sun)
  • Subway (10am8pm Fri, 12pm-9pm Sat/Sun)
  • Panda Express (11am-9pm Fri, 11:30am7:30pm Sat/Sun)

The new Broderick Dining Hall located behind Webb Center on 49th Street is also open all weekend.

Other places to eat can be found nearby, including Einstein Bagel Bros. in the Perry Library, McDonald’s and Taco Bell on Hampton Blvd., and a variety of restaurants in the University Village on Monarch Way.