Cosplay 2016

The cosplay contest will be open to all attendees of Minicon.

Signup will be available the morning of the con where persons in cosplay willing to participate can write down their name, character’s name, and series they’re from.

They will later report to the location of the cosplay contest and each person in cosplay will come up on stage to present their cosplay before an audience and the judges in the order of they signed up. The judges will ask questions about the participant’s cosplay such as how it was created, what made them decide to cosplay said character, etc.

After each participant has had an opportunity to show off their cosplay they will return to their seat and a brief judging session will commence where the judges leave the room to decide the respective winners.

The categories will include 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place as well as a Judge’s Favorite chosen by each respective judge. Cosplays do not need to be entirely handmade to be judged at the contest. Cosplays will generally be judged on appearance, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. The Judge’s Favorite category however has no specific stipulations as they will be purely subjective decisions based on the respective judge’s liking.

Each winner will be announced and awarded a prize once judging has ended and they and everyone who competed will be thanked for participating and the contest will officially close.