Code of Conduct

ODUCon Code of Conduct

1) This convention is held on a college campus, so please use your best judgment. You’re free to explore campus, but please refrain from activities which may disturb the academic environment.

2) No harassment of any sort. Period. Whatsoever. Please keep your negativity out of the event. ODUCon is against characteristics such as, but not limited to, discrimination based on sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, color, religion, national origin, age, political affiliation, social aptitude, speech impediments, gaming platform preference, skill in fighting games, or enjoyment of Japanese anime. Harassment also includes stalking, unsolicited touching, and inappropriate photography. Any instances of harassment should be reported to staff immediately and will result in removal from the convention.

3) Don’t destroy stuff. If you do, you will be held liable, so please don’t destroy any property of Old Dominion University or ODUCon’s equipment such as projectors, televisions, and game consoles.

4) ODUCon is not responsible for lost items. If you do lose something, please check registration, with a staff member, or at the Webb Center Information desk.

5) Drug and alcohol use will not be tolerated. Anyone who is suspected to be intoxicated will be asked to leave. ODU does allow for the use of tobacco products as long as the user stands ten feet away from any building and disposes of them in the proper receptacle.

6) Don’t steal stuff. The police will be involved, and you’re also stealing from a charity event. That’s terrible.

7) Despite being on a college campus, this convention is family friendly. Please avoid any sort of overly lewd behavior. If there are any panels with Over-18 content, security will require some form of identification.

8) Respect the word of Webb Center and ODUCon Staff. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be fine, but please listen if another situation arises! Thank you for your support.

9) Old Dominion University’s full policy can be found at:

10) Have Fun!

Cosplay Policy

1) Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. Open jackets do not count for a shirt! Please cover your nipples, everyone.

2) If your costume shows a lot of skin, wear something underneath! It is January, after all.

3) You will be required to take off your mask outside convention space, and in the dealer’s room and artist alley. As we’re on a college campus, security is very strict about masks and they make some students nervous. Please be prepared to remove your mask if asked and do not fight with security about this. You will always be required to remove masks in the dealer’s room and artist alley.

4) Private parts of your body must be secure in your costume. Please take necessary precautions. You may need to wear a cup.

5) Be kind about other people’s costumes! If you think someone’s costume violates this policy, contact a staff member.

6) If your attire fails to meet these standards, you will be asked to change, or leave the convention.

Weapon and Prop Policy

1) All attendees must follow ODU’s Gun & Weapon Regulations. This may be found at

2) If you have a large prop or weapon, it must be inspected at the prop check desk near registration.

3) No live steel. This includes fully sheathed weapons. Props made of wood, paper, cardboard, or other soft materials are allowed.

4) Prop guns are allowed but they may not be gassed, charged, or loaded in any way. No active pellet, water or air guns are allowed.  Triggers will be zip tied so it will not be able to be used.

5) Props longer than 8 feet or that obstruct walkways are not allowed. You don’t want to carry that thing around anyway.

6) Whips are allowed but will be ziptied so it cannot be swung around.